10 things you can do during Covid-19

10 things you can do during Covid-19

Even if you don't travel during the pandemic, you can still do many things related to this passion to put your mind at ease. Stay positive, keep calm and enjoy this free time to explore many interesting things. Here's what you can do during Covid-19 .

Join a virtual tour

A series of museums around the world are trying their best to let guests admire the artifacts at their homes amid the pandemic. Google's Fine Arts and Culture team has worked with more than 2,500 museums and galleries such as the British Museum, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands), the National Museum of Modern Art Seoul (Korea). Quoc)…

Google Maps also allows users to discover new places through the Street View system. You can admire the Niagara Falls (USA - Canada), the beauty of the hot air balloon in Cappadocia (Turkey) or the Great Wall (China) without having to go directly.

Explore wild nature

If you have a car, you can drive to the countryside or walk to a remote area where Covid-19 can't reach – as long as the place you live does not impose a social isolation or blockade. . Getting outside for fresh air, jogging, picnicking or biking, camping away from people are all ways to put your mind at ease.

Reading books

If you are a book lover but always busy with other plans, this is really the ideal time. Look for books that can be forgotten on the bookshelf to enjoy rare free time.

Plan your upcoming trips

You can't travel, but there's no one stopping you from planning or fantasizing about upcoming vacations. Use this time to read about places on blogs or forums, find out about visa policies, accommodation or travel insurance…

Make a travel blog

You have plenty of time and tons of experience in your travels. This is the time to put this information on your travel blog, for your friends and family to read. It doesn't have to be a professional and expensive website. There are many free resources like Medium, WordPress for you to do small projects or share with the people you want.

Rearrange photos

You have a lot of pictures on your phone, ipad, camera or laptop but you backed them all up on one hard drive. Sort them by date or destination so you can easily find and back them up. This is also a way for you to relive wonderful moments to remember.


Digging into any recipe book is a way to bring your mind back to culinary adventures. Reliving your travels with a dish like pho, Indian curry, Irish stew, croissants… can make you less "crazy".

Review your travel luggage

You're not traveling now, but you can prepare what you'll need for a future trip. Maybe you need a new backpack or stock up on shampoo. You can also take this time to research travel products online and see what you're missing.

Learn something new

You've always wanted to learn a language or skill that you haven't mastered yet. Take this time to learn.

Do exercise

There's nothing better than exercising. Exercising or mass gatherings may be prohibited, but why not try it out at home. You can still practice with online videos or mobile apps. A healthy body helps a more positive mind – which is very necessary right now