Overwhelmed by the unique architecture of Chung Thu Cac bookstore

 Overwhelmed by the unique architecture of Chung Thu Cac bookstore

Zhongshuge (Zhongshuge) is a famous bookstore chain in China. The brand of this bookstore is present in many big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, etc. This is the result of the idea-forging process of architecture studio X + Living, helping to bring an experience. difference for those who have a passion for reading.

Most branches of Chung Thu Cac have one thing in common: the ceiling is covered with mirrors, creating a very interesting feeling of doubling the space. The first time you come here, you will be amazed by the feeling of "infinity space" like in the Harry Potter movie. The successive stairs create a zigzag shape, the high floors are stacked and the wooden ladder leading to the giant bookshelves makes visitors even more impressed.

Design architect Chung Thu Cac also shared that the art of cascading and stacking bookshelves is the highlight of the brand. The visual effect is maximized with the expansive space with reflective mirrors, luminous domes and lots of stairs just enough to make you want to explore the bookcases further.

Different from the classical orientation, Chung Thu Cac focuses on recreating the bustling urban lifestyle through "secret agencies" which are stairs leading everywhere. X + Living also said that there are similarities between the architecture of the bookstore and the terraced well in Rajasthan (India). In addition, the way to create perfect transitions for different types of spaces is also an attraction for book lovers.

Not only serving books with a wide variety of genres, Chung Thu Cac also has a very artistically designed reading room, a play area for children and a food stall with a lot of food and drink in case you need to eat. hungry." In particular, the children's play area will have a pastel pink color completely different from the dominant black tone of the bookstore.

Every day, the statistics of the number of visitors of all Chung Thu Cac branches throughout China can reach hundreds of thousands of people. Some come to read and buy their favorite books. Besides, there are also people out of curiosity, who want to once see with their own eyes and record impressive photos with the unique architecture here.