A trip to Portugal over the beautiful capital Lisbon and the historic port city of Porto

 Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Western Europe, facing the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south of the country. The country, which flourished during the Age of Discovery and has cultivated its own culture since then, is surrounded by a unique charm full of calm and nostalgia. This time, we will guide you on a trip to Portugal around the capital Lisbon and the second city of Porto.

Nostalgic and photogenic Portuguese charm

Located at the westernmost tip of the Eurasian continent, Portugal is home to about 10.45 million people in about a quarter of Japan's land area. With Spain on the north and east and the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south, the country is blessed with beautiful coastlines, rich cultures such as seafood and music, and people with a calm temperament. It also produced heroic voyagers such as Vasco da Gama, who was the first European to pioneer a route to India, and Ferdinand Magellan, who completed the first round of the world in history, and continued from the mid-15th century to the mid-17th century. It is also known for its prosperity during the Age of Discovery.

Even today , if you walk through the capital city of Lisbon and the port city of Porto in northern Portugal , you will find many beautiful historical buildings and cityscapes built by the wealth brought about by the trade of the Age of Discovery . Somewhere nostalgic and photogenic , centuries later still fascinates many travelers around the world . This time , we will introduce the charms of Lisbon and Porto , two of Portugal's leading cities .

Over Lisbon, the capital city, which conveys the glory of the Age of Discovery

Lisbon , the capital of Portugal with a population of about 530,000 , Is the political , economic and cultural center of Portugal . With many direct flights of European cities , many will visit the city as an empty gateway . The attraction of Lisbon is that while it is one of Europe's leading world cities , it does not feel the hustle and bustle of a big city . The city , which has been cultivated around the mouth of the Tagus River , the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula , is full of beautiful streets that make you feel the good old days and the smiles at  on simple and calm people .

If you're traveling at / through Lisbon , the first thing you'll want to visit is the Belem district , which conveys the glory of the Age of Discovery . This area , stretches along the banks of the Tagus River , is dotted with attractions such as the " Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon and the Tower of Belem " , which is also registered as a World Heritage Site . The Jeronimos Monastery , which was built in the 16th century to honor Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco da Gama , who made great achievements during the Age of Discovery , seems to show off the huge wealth gained in / from / on foreign trade . A Manueline-style building with gorgeous decoration . Motif unique to the Age of Discovery , such as coral , celestial globe , and seaweed , is embossed everywhere , and its delicate beauty is sighing . The Belem Tower , built in the 16th century to watch over the ships sailing on the Tagus River , is also a symbol of the Manueline style . In addition to this , there are many attractions such as the " Archaeological Museum " , " Maritime Museum " , and " Monument of Discovery " . Take a leisurely tour of the " Beren district " and experience the history of Portugal .

In addition , there are many unique areas in Lisbon , such as the historical district " Alfama district " where you can enjoy walking in the alleys and the shopping district " Baisha district " where you can find good shops and restaurants . Lisbon is also known as the " City of the Seven Hills " and is also famous for its many undulations . The more you go around the slopes by tram or cable car , the more you will discover the charm of the city . Also , " Sintra " , located about 28km west of Lisbon , is a place known as a summer resorts / resorted to the royal family surrounded by rich forests . Why don't you go to the suburbs aiming for a landscape that is registered as a World Heritage Site as " Sintra's Cultural Landscape " ?

To the port city of Porto in the north, which is the origin of the country name of Portugal

It took about 3 hours of Lisbon to the train . Porto , a port city located at the mouth of the Douro River in northern Portugal , is the second largest city in the country after Lisbon . The city , flourished in trade during the Roman period and was the origin of the Portuguese country name , has been registered as a World Heritage Site as the " Historic Center of Porto " throughout the old town . There are many attractions in the " Historic Center of Porto " , but first , head to " San Bent Station " , which is the gateway to Porto . The premises of the station , which is also called " the most beautiful station in the world " , Is decorated with 20,000 azulejos (blue decorative tiles ) with Portuguese motifs , just like a museum . The magnificent decorations such as the azulejos are impressive in the " Congress Guards Church " near the " San Bent Station " , the " Porto Cathedral " , the " Armas Chapel " , and the " Carmo Church " . It's a spot . Find your favorite azulejo and walk around the old town . If you want to overlook the " Historic Center of Porto " , It is recommended to going up to the observation deck of " Nossa Senora does  did Pilar Monastery " which is built on a hill overlooking the Douro River .

The city of Porto is a fun place to explore history , but of course it's not the only fun . Experience a boat cruises / cruised to the Douro River basin , visit the famous Porto wine region , and taste Porto's local gourmet trippers . You are free to spend your time for / of Porto . The town of Guimaraes , located about 60km northeast of Porto , is a small town known as the birthplace of Afonso Enriquez , the first King of Portugal . It's also fun to enjoy a short trip to the " starting place " of Portugal . Two of Portugal's leading cities , Lisbon and Porto . Proud people still live a relaxed and peaceful life in these cities , which are connected to the glory of the Age of Discovery . It's not flashy at all , but the more I go , the more I like it . Please experience the mysterious charm of Portugal once .