Hawaii travel: Things to know about Hawaii

 Traveling to Hawaii is famous for its fresh air , beautiful natural scenery , green beaches and countless memorable experiences . Because of that , this archipelago has been chosen as the sett of many movies such as : " Pearl Harbor " , " Jurassic Park " , " 50 First Dates " . This is also a popular resort destination . lots of American and world stars to choose from 

Things to prepare when traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii is known as a beautiful pearl located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean . Therefore , this archipelago attracts many tourists every year . To prepare for a fun vacation , check out these important tips when traveling at / through Hawaii .

How to go to the island of Hawaii?

Honolulu International Airport (HNL ) on the island of Oahu is Hawaii's main airport , serving immigration procedures for most tourists to Hawaii . In all , there are about 23 domestic carriers and 16 international carriers serving tourists in Oahu . So you can travel at / through Hawaii from all over the world . There are direct flights of central Hawaii to Maui , Kauai and the Big Island , but in most cases you have to go through Oahu to contact the neighboring islands .


Finding accommodation is easy when traveling at / through Hawaii : From quaint hotels to modern hotels and international standard resorts , there are in Hawaii for you to choose from . In Oahu alone , you'll find over 30,000 hotel rooms .

In what season is the weather in Hawaii the best ? 

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Hawaii . In the summer , between April and November , the weather is warmer and drier , with an average temperature of 75-88oF (21.5-28oC ) . While in winter , between December and March , the weather is colder around 68-80oF (18-24oC ) . Strong winds from the Southeast and Northeast Pacific makes / made the landscape and people here gentle and pleasant all year round .

Shopping paradise in Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii U#S#A you will discover the whole world of shopping such as shopping streets luxury department stores selling branded goods agency stalls introducing factory products trendy clothing stores jewelry and shops selling products made in Hawaii Many shopping areas in Hawaii also offer free delivery to major hotels .

Personal safety when traveling to Hawaii

No matter where you travel , it's essential to pay attention to what is happening to you . Many tourists are very excited to visit Hawaii , and immediately attracted by the beauty and hospitality here , they tend to be unconcerned about anything and do things out of habit . often

Disaster warning

The National Weather Service Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu (National Weather Service Central Pacific Hurricane Center) will help you monitor the weather and issue weather and disaster warnings (if any) before you go. you go to a certain island in Hawaii.


The state of Hawaii has developed a tsunami warning system for residents and visitors.

- The Hawaiian directory outlines coastal areas that are the focus of flash floods in the event of a tsunami. The Hawaii Department of Defense provides early warning with a statewide Forecast and Warning program with sirens.

- A forecast is issued in the event that there is a possibility of a rising tsunami.

- A warning is issued when a potentially devastating tsunami is approaching the Hawaiian islands. With tsunami waves accumulating outside of Hawaii, but approaching the Hawaiian islands, sirens will sound at least 3 hours before the first wave hits.

- If the warning is issued while you are at Waikiki Beach, Oahu, you need to find the nearest concrete or steel construction site and climb up to a height of 6 floors or higher.

- If you are on the coast on the islands of Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai, you must move inland to higher mounds.

- Do not arbitrarily evacuate when the tsunami forecast has not been issued. Listen for instructions coming from the alarm speaker. Stay out of the danger zone until the official "Safe" signal is sent.

- A strong earthquake in the islands of Hawaii could be the cause of the tsunami. If you feel the ground shaking, move to land in areas where the ground is higher than sea level.


Besides, the tourist paradise of Hawaii also has snacks such as furikake (mixture of ground dried fish, sesame, seaweed, sugar, salt and spices) or mochi (dumplings made with Japanese rice flour and rice flour). China) mixed with corn.

Haupia (coconut cake), luaus (chocolate cake) are famous desserts you cannot miss when traveling to Hawaii. You'll also be intrigued by li hing mui (salted dried plums) available at snack shops. Here you will also be able to buy seeded and seedless plums, or you can buy powdered confectionery in the form of worms and bears.

In Hawaii, even McDonald's restaurants serve Hawaiian-style breakfasts of rice, eggs, and Portuguese sausages.

Experience a boat tour when traveling to Hawaii

There are many sailing boats from all over the world flocking to Hawaii, Tahiti, Bora Bora every year.

Hawaii tourism - The delegation of Hoan My tourism in Polynesian, Hawaii

The delegation of Hoan My Tourism in Polynesian, Hawaii

Sailing vacation between the islands of Hawaii has the advantage of a small fleet of boats, and along with the feeling of being challenged with the waves, you will be able to participate in other sea activities such as scuba diving. , snorkeling, swimming...

The captain of the yacht team will lead you to visit countless coral reefs, learn about marine life and visit scenic spots on the islands while on tour of the United States.

Volcano travel to hawaii

Most of the area of Hawaii is made up of 5 volcanoes, each volcano has a different shape, most of which just protrude into the shape of a long round club with a small slope. Volcanic eruptions are one of the most spectacular sights in Hawaii.

Volcanoes National Park is a place to guide visitors to learn about the history of volcanoes, the active schedule of volcanoes, and organizes to welcome visitors to the volcano to rest at hotels and resorts. near the volcano.