Experience the dream of white snow under the cold of minus 30 degrees Celsius in China


Experience the dream of white snow under the cold of minus 30 degrees Celsius in Harbin, China
Crossing the white snow-covered forest that has only been seen in fairy tales, wandering in the beautiful snow village shimmering with lights like stepping out of a fairy tale or eating an ice cream in minus 30 degrees Celsius is An experience everyone wants to experience once in a lifetime. That wish has come true for me.

Harbin is a city located in the northeast of China. The cultural influences make the architecture here very unique, blending the East and the West.
Unlike many places, the first thing visitors should consider is not the issue of paying for the trip but whether they can withstand the harsh weather here. Dubbed the ice city, Harbin is one of the coldest cities in China, with temperatures that can drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Some places not to be missed when coming here are the Russian village, Sun Island (where the sculptures of the International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival are displayed), Sophia church and the central square.

In addition to Harbin , we also moved to Coc Tuyet and Huong Tuyet villages. Coc Tuyet village is quite small, only wandering about 10 minutes to go. However, the trekking journey through the forest between these two villages made me remember forever.
I say trekking 15 km through the forest for majesty, but actually, I only trekking 6 km. The first 5 km, I ride a horse while 4 km uphill I ride a snowmobile. It felt so delicious at the time. It was a beautiful morning, snowflakes fluttered lightly. Each ray of sunlight through the tree canopy adorns the journey. I suddenly wanted to be like Hoang Dung, with Quach Tinh to fully enjoy this very beautiful moment.
After a long journey through the forest, my body was frozen, my eyelashes were frozen, my cheeks were flushed red, and my legs, arms, and knees ached. However, the reward I received was well worth it.
On the return day, here, white snow fell as if to end a short but joyful journey. The joy of being in a dreamland, the joy of experiencing new things, the joy of meeting lovely people.