2,500 square meter snow maze in Poland

 With a fancy design, the snow maze in Poland is attracting the attention of many tourists around the world.

2,500 square meter snow maze in Poland

Snowlandia amusement park in Zakopane ( Poland ) is home to a snow maze of up to 2,500 m2, equivalent to an area of ​​10 tennis courts combined. At the same time, this place is also twice the size of the Arctic Glacier Ice Maze, which won the Guinness World Record at the Powder Keg Festival in New York in 2010. Photo: Syl__official, villa11.zakopane.

This project was designed by Darek Pytlik, built within 1 month with the participation of more than 50 workers and professional construction engineers. To turn 60,000 blocks of ice into the current giant maze, they even had to stay up many nights to be able to complete the set schedule. Photo: 2plus3blog.

Conquering this maze is not easy for many visitors because you can only see a white color, so it will be difficult to distinguish the right path in the shortest time. After passing through the maze, you will discover the snow castle with an interior area containing many sculptures by artists from Poland and Slovakia. Photo: Mayahuntravel.

At night, this amusement park is lit by many different colored lights, creating a shimmering and beautiful space

Besides exploring the snow maze or visiting the sculptures inside the castle, visitors can also participate in many other sports activities such as skiing, snowballing or making snowmen. Photo: Kaja.kijewska, ann_owsiak, martidamska, _la_ciara.