An oasis on the Silk Road! A trip around the four World Heritage Sites in Uzbekistan

 What is Uzbekistan?

Located in Central Asia, the country where the Timur dynasty, which built a great empire in the 14th century, began.

It is an oasis on the Silk Road, which is said to have been visited by Sanzou Houshi of Nishiyuki.

Since the country name has "Stan", some people may ask, "Isn't it insecure?", But it is as safe and safe as Japan.

① The blue city with beautiful decorative tiles! Samarkand

Samarkand called "Blue City".

The center of politics, economy and culture was once the Registan Square, which means "sand square".

(2) The city where the oldest Islamic palace in Central Asia remains! Bukhara

A city that has prospered as a trading city on the Silk Road since ancient times.

In the old town, you can see the ramparts made of sun-dried bricks and numerous mosques.

③ A city surrounded by walls! Carduelinae

The ancient city of the Silk Road surrounded by double walls.

The wall is 8 meters high, 6 meters thick, and 2.2 kilometers long, and the inner castle remains intact.

④ Birthplace of Uzbek hero Timur! Shahrisabz

An area with historic buildings built during the Timurid era of the 15th century.

What Uzbekistan can offer

Most of Uzbekistan’s territory is covered by deserts. The largest among them is the Red Desert Kyzyl-Kum. Also worth mentioning is the nature reserve Samis, which is famous for its rock drawings. People who had traveled there from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages made it. Thousands of drawings depict mainly animals and humans.

The largest lake in Uzbekistan is Aydar-Kul, which surpassed the drying Aral in size. For tourists, it is a wonderful place to relax and take a bath in the clear water. Unique animal species that you won’t find anywhere else live here. The town of Moynaq, located on the shores of Lake Aral, offers a unique visit to see a ship graveyard. The town had once been a prosperous harbor before the lake began to dry out and the fishermen had gradually faded from here.