Atlantis the Palm Dubai Hotel for the Super Rich

 Atlantis the Palm Dubai hotel is the most unique architecture in the world, attracting domestic and international tourists, and is an ideal destination for the super-rich. 

Atlantis the Palm Dubai Hotel for the Super Rich

Located on the crescent-shaped strip of palm island Palm Jumeirah, one side facing the city, the other facing the Arabian Sea. Atlantis The Palm Dubai is the first hotel built on the island and is designed according to the legend of the ancient city of Atlantis. The entire hotel campus is 46 hectares wide and the independent Aquaventure water park is 17 hectares. Atlantis The Palm is luxuriously decorated like a royal palace.


Hotel  Atlantis The Palm Dubai 1,500 luxury hotel rooms, two suites in the water to help visitors discover the wonders and numerous species of fish under the sea. The underwater suite at Atlantis the Palm hotel is the most luxurious room in Dubai. The room has floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow guests to see more than 65,000 marine creatures in the aquarium.


The room is designed with glass in the bedroom, bathroom and windows so you can see the ocean right in bed.



In addition, the hotel also has an underwater aquarium Lost Chambers Aquarium with more than 65,000 species of marine animals. Visitors can take a walk in the maze and tunnel, see the marine species, or scuba dive to directly explore the corals.



In addition, you will get free tickets to experience the largest Aquaventure water park in the Middle East with extremely attractive adventure games, especially the Tower of Neptune and Tower of Poseidon. Here you will be floated by the current from the top of the tower, sliding through a surrounding water pipe full of sharks before landing safely in the cool swimming pool. This promises to be a unique experience only at Atlantis the Palm Dubai hotel .