Change the taste with a frugal vegetarian fried rice for a weekend meal


- Tofu: 2 pieces

- Cove beans: 100g

- Carrot: 100g

- American corn: 60g

- Vegetarian spring rolls: 100g

- Rice

- Spices: Cooking oil, oyster sauce, seasoning powder, soy sauce, pepper, dried onions...


Step 1: Prepare ingredients

- Beans soaked in salt water for 15 minutes, washed, diced.

- Peel carrots, also diced.

- Tofu, vegetarian rolls, diced into small pieces.

- American corn takes the seeds, washes with water, drains.

- Peeled and chopped dry onions.

Step 2: Prepare vegetarian mixed fried rice 

- You put a pan of hot oil on the stove, add cooking oil and saut√© onions. Then, in turn, add carrots and cove beans, and American corn, stir well, season with seasoning. Continue to add tofu and vegetarian rolls, mix well for about 5 minutes to hunt again.


- Next, you add the rice to the island, add 1 teaspoon of salt, a little oyster sauce, cook on a high flame, stir for about 5 minutes, then start to turn down the heat and constantly stir your hands so that the rice is cooked, hunted and cooked. evenly absorb the seasoning. Turn off the stove, put the vegetarian mixed fried rice on a plate.


So complete the vegetarian mixed fried rice with delicious, frugal, low-fat flavor for your family meal. Immediately save the way to prepare the dish.