Finland continues to be the happiest country in the world

 The United Nations announced more than 150 happiest countries in the world in 2020. In which, Finland topped this ranking for 3 consecutive years.

Finland continues to be the happiest country in the world

Finland , which is famous for its ice swimming experience, has been named the happiest country in the world according to the United Nations Happiness Report. This is the third year in a row that the country has ranked number one in the rankings. In addition, Finland is also said to be one of the most livable countries for women in 2020 according to US News & World Report. Photo: Daily Mail.
Denmark is the 2nd happiest country on earth according to the United Nations ranking. This is also the first country in the ranking of the best countries to live and work for women in 2020. Coming here, you will visit many beautiful beaches, magnificent castles coming out of ancient times. historical sites, pristine forests and dreamlike archipelagos…

Switzerland is the 3rd happiest country in the world. The majestic, beautiful natural scenery is part of what makes this place an ideal destination for many people. Recently, travel insurance website Insurly ranked Switzerland at the top of its list of the safest countries on the planet for tourists.

Dubbed the "ice island", Iceland , the 4th happiest country in the world, will make you amazed by the wild, magnificent scenery like stepping out of a fairy when winter comes. This destination is also known as a tourist paradise for women. Thanks to its focus on tourism development and natural resource conservation, this rich island nation attracts more and more visitors.

The dream-like life in the vast nature has contributed to the happiness index of Norwegians being the 5th highest in the world. Coming here, you will be able to explore the bays, enjoy the fresh nature among the vast grasslands. In the summer, the air is cool, you can go hiking and camping. Winter is the right time for snow sports.

The Netherlands is a destination that brings you peace of mind with the poetic beauty of canals, fairy villages, windmills… The most prominent feature in this country is the focus on environmental development. Green field, no dust and noise. Bicycles are the main means of transport and are recommended for use in the Netherlands.

Sweden is the safest country on the list, with a low risk of health, security and road safety issues. Swedes are less stressed. They spend a lot of time with friends and family. In addition to a clean environment, friendly people, Swedish citizens also receive dream living conditions such as high welfare, free education, developed transportation ...