Irish stew


4 people

Lamb and mutton …… 8 (400 wins)

Earth beans …… 2 pieces Medium and small

Western onions …… 2 medium and small

Carrot …… 1 piece

Garlic …… 1

Salad oil …… 1 tablespoon

Water …… 4 glasses

[One kind]

Salt ... 2 teaspoon

... a little

European parsley stem ... 2

Hyakurika ... 1

European parsley …… Parsley

1 Japanese and Western onions, 1 to 1.5 centimeters of rice, carrots, and carrots.

2 Heated vegetable oil in deep flat bottom, garlic roasted scent, sardine lamb, sardine on both sides.

3 Related fire, joining (1) Japanese water, afterwards released on the upper surface "Cookpar ® alkali / oil removal".

4 Re-heated boiling, Sho "Alkali / degreasing piece" face up, Join A, Sho "Alkali / Degreasing piece" released, 盖 gami small fire about 45 minutes.

5 Parsley in a bowl, parsley.

Precautions for cooking

Detailed description of product packaging Operation precautions. Mandatory use before use.

200 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon 15 tablespoons, 1 teaspoon 5 tablespoons.

Reference for cooking time. Inclusive foaming time or cooling time. Demanding information heating time.

Observation information box temperature Japanese oven time.

When used in a 600W microwave oven, the standard time is 500W and the heating time is 0.8.

[When used “Saran Wrap ®”]

At the time of packaging container, there is a space for requesting. Steam can be driven packaging and development other.

After heating in the microwave oven, steaming is possible.

[When using “Ziplock®”]

General liquid food release "cold bag", "bag" or "standing bag" parallel to horizontal standing or unpacking, bag used.

Taken out from the microwave oven "Container" sum "Screw chain ®" Time required small heart, cause container heat.

After heating “Container” sum “Screw Lock ®” in the microwave oven, the amount of heat is lost.

Heating in a microwave oven “Container” sum “Screw Lock ®”, request transfer closure.

[When used “Cook Par ®”]

No need to be careful when using “Cookpar ® Wrap” after heating.

Unnecessary cooking in the middle of cooking or cooking immediately after cooking "Frying pan". Burns at high temperatures.

Chopsticks used at the time of loading / unloading or taking out “liquid / oil removal pieces” while in the pot. Bouillon or meat burns.

A certain outline of "microwave oven roasting fish roasting" is released on a heat-resistant plate.

After heating, take out gloves, etc., do not need to be careful.