Life in the most dangerous climate in the world

 Located near the North Pole, the island nation of Greenland - where the climate is dangerous, is a destination where you have the opportunity to witness alarming climate change phenomena such as melting ice and warming sea. .

The island nation of Greenland, where the climate is the most dangerous in the world
The city of Ilulissat is located on the west coast of Greenland , more than 350 km north of the Arctic Circle from Disko Bay. Zion Church here was built in the late 18th century. It was the largest man-made structure in this place at that time.

Ilulissa Harbor is a popular destination for cruise ships. Geraldine Westrupp, the founder and organizer of small-scale cruises here, said he is ditching the trains that depart in the fall and only run in the winter (when the cruise lines stop operating) in search of the quiet, avoiding the crowds of passengers that stop by the city.
Two young local women have just left a town in Ilulissat.
Man drying cod in Ilulissat harbor. Salted fish and dried fish are two common foods throughout Greenland. Ilulissat is home to 4,600 people and 3,500 sled dogs. In 1741, the city was initially built as a trading area, making it the third largest land in Greenland after the capitals Nuuk and Sisimiut.

The people of Greenland are living in one of the world's most alarming climates with melting ice sheets and warming seas. Here, you can see giant icebergs in the Ilulissat ice fjord.

From Ilulissat, fishing boats head out to sea or into neighboring Disko Bay to catch cod, sea trout and halibut.
his destination also has a hotel that caters to tourists. You can choose to stay at Nordlys guesthouse, which is run by the former mayor of Ilulissat.
To navigate the frozen water, visitors can use an icebreaker or a small motorboat.
Admire the aurora borealis is one of the experiences visitors should not miss when coming to the island of ice. The sky was like green and red curtains that moved continuously. In the middle of the night temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius, you seem to completely forget the cold to admire and record this spectacular phenomenon.
Kayaks, which are used for fishing in the summer, will be hung upside down to keep them dry during the winter.
Children skiing on pieces of cardboard found in the back of a grocery store.