Luxury resort located in the middle of the desert

A 5-star luxury resort located in the middle of a desert reserve in Dubai, is one of the favorite check-in points of travel bloggers when traveling to the UAE.

Luxury resort located in the middle of the desert
Al Maha is like a small oasis, located under the green palm trees in the middle of the Dubai desert reserve, UAE. Visitors come here by jeep, crossing the undulating sand dunes in the "burning" sun of the desert. But when you arrive, you can enjoy a luxurious vacation with unique experiences. Photo Stefanthurairatnam
The resort has 42 rooms, connected by a wooden road. The roof is like a nomad tent. The interior is heat-resistant white tone, the design is a combination of modern style and traditional Arabic pattern to create comfort. Exquisite carved decorative details. All rooms have views of the sand dunes. Photo Al Maha
From the private pool, you can sometimes watch herds of camels pass by, sometimes wild Arabian gazelles visit. If you want to explore the reserve, you can rent a camel, ride a horse or contact the resort to book a free walking tour to visit some of the places around the reserve. Photo Al Maha
Every morning or evening, you can enjoy a private meal on the balcony, overlooking the vast desert. Completely private space, suitable for small families or couples. Photo Al Maha
In particular, the resort is equipped with an observation area for guests who want to see the animals from afar with a telescope. The most interesting is observing nocturnal animals such as sand cats, Ethiopian porcupines, even rattlesnakes… Photo Al Maha
This is not a bad opportunity for nature lovers to experience the desert environment in a luxurious way. Romantic evening picnic, stargazing in the desert will definitely be a memorable memory for you. Photo Al Maha
In the middle of the desert, you shouldn't miss the sunrise and sunset. This is the time when you can admire the dreamlike picture of nature, take hundreds of "virtual life" photos without getting bored. The cheapest room here is about 600 USD/night (about 14 million VND), with a private swimming pool. As for the Presidential room, it is up to nearly 200 million VND / night with many high-class services. Room rates vary depending on the season. Alldreamhotels photo