Marvel at the Golden Temple under the giant rock in Sri Lanka

 Not only being a witness to the history of the past decades, the Golden Temple of Dambulla also surprised many visitors when it was built under a giant rock.

Marvel at the Golden Temple under the giant rock in Sri Lanka
Dambulla Cave Temple (Dam̆būlū Len Vihāraya) also known as the Golden Temple of Dambulla was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1991. This is the largest cave temple complex being preserved in Sri Lanka. There are more than 80 caves in total, but the most prominent are 5 caves containing Buddha statues, ancient paintings and many statues of kings.

The construction of a temple under the giant rock is said to have originated from prehistoric Sri Lankan culture. Before religions began to form, people here chose caves as shelters and created small communities. Gradually, when Buddhism appeared, they began to build the Golden Temple complex, which according to many records, this complex dates back to the 1st century BC.

5 caves containing many historical relics are located under a large rock with carved eaves protruding, to ensure that the interior is always dry. From the ceiling of the cave to the stone pillars and the walls are painted with elaborate patterns. Most of them are images of Buddha and Bodhisattva and other deities that the people of Sri Lanka worship.

Legend has it that King Vattagamini Abaya chose this place as a place to avoid invaders in the 1st century BC. After the war ended, he and successive generations began to expand the temple grounds. Therefore, this Golden Temple area has a fairly solid architecture, as well as being carefully preserved for centuries.

Leaning against the rocky cave, the ceiling of the Golden Temple area, viewed from the inside, has a very strange inclination. Just below the roof slope are numerous statues representing the beliefs of the people of Sri Lanka. In it, Dev Raja Viharaya is considered the temple of the gods, Maha Raja Viltaraya is the temple of the Great Emperor, Maha Alut Viltaraya is the great temple and the Paschima Viharaya cave is home to many of the paintings of the Buddha. Buddha.

In addition to impressive numbers such as a 160m high stone tower, more than 80 caves, 153 ancient statues, paintings with an area of ​​​​over 2000 square meters, etc., this Golden Temple area is also surrounded by cool green trees. Right in front of the yard there is a very beautiful lotus pond. In particular, on the way to the temple, visitors can also observe firsthand the wild life of monkeys living here for hundreds of years.