Miraculously Jervis Bay in Australia can glow at night

Miraculously Jervis Bay in Australia can glow at night

Jervis Bay is 102 km² wide on the south coast of Australia. This place is known for its beautiful scenery, owns many luxury resorts, famous for its clear blue water and fine white sand. In particular, this bay also has the ability to emit beautiful shimmering blue light that attracts the curiosity of tourists.

At night, Jervis Bay glows due to a proliferation of luminescent algae. According to Finlay newspaper, the phenomenon is caused by a species of bioluminescent algae called Noctiluca scintillans. The increase in nutrients in the water from forest fire ash has created conditions for algae to thrive and bloom simultaneously.

Noctiluca scintillans does not produce toxins, so it is not dangerous to humans. You can experience walking on the beach with this special algae, then your footprints in the sand can also glow.

In addition, Jervis Bay is also an ideal overnight camping site, where visitors can participate in many interesting activities such as dolphin and whale watching, fishing.