Nagasaki night view recognized in the world! A recommended spot where you can see the night view of 10 million dollars

 Night view spot ① Inasayama

Inasayama is a typical viewing spot for the night view of Saki.

The night view seen from the top of the mountain is said to be a night view of 10 million dollars, and it has been selected as one of the world's three new night views.

There is a ropeway to the top of the mountain, and you can climb to the observatory.

The beauty of the view from the moody observatory where your feet shine fantastically is breathtaking.

It is recommended to visit at noon when you can see not only the night view but also the sunset when the sun goes down and the Amakusa region and the Goto archipelago.


364-1 Inasamachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

【business hours】

9: 00-22: 00

[Access information]

8 minutes by bus from Nagasaki Station, 2 minutes on foot from the bus stop in front of the ropeway

Night view spot ② Nabekanzan Park

Nabekanyama is a mountain with an altitude of 169m located on the opposite side of the city center from Inasayama.

From the observatory, you can overlook the port of Nagasaki, and you can see the three-dimensional landscape created by the mortar-shaped terrain, which is said to be the beauty of competing for one or two in Nagasaki.

Since there are relatively few visitors than Mt. Inasa, you can relax and enjoy the night view of Nagasaki.

If you have seen the view of Mt. Inasa, next try to see a different night view from Mt. Nabekan.


2-144-1 Izumo, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

[Access information]

About 20 minutes by car from JR Nagasaki Station

Take the "Glover Sky Road", which is about a 2-minute walk from Ishibashi Station, and about a 10-minute walk from Glover Garden Gate 2.

Night view spot ③ Kazagashira Park

Kazagashira Park is located on Mt. Kazagashira at an altitude of 151.9m overlooking the port of Nagasaki, and is a park that is familiar to the citizens as a famous place for grouper frying.

At the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, a statue of Ryoma Sakamoto, a hero who struggled for the dawn of modern Japan, was erected, making it a must-see spot for Ryoma fans.

As a night view spot, it is a little-known spot, and you can see the city in the foreground and enjoy the night view with close light.


Kazagashiramachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

[Access information]

25 minutes by Nagasaki Bus bound for Kazetoyama from JR Nagasaki Station, get off at Kazetoyama Bus Stop

Night view spot ④ Glover Garden

"Glover Garden" is a former residence built by Thomas Blake Glover, a merchant who led Japan to modernization, including Nagasaki Prefecture.

Legend has it that nine Western-style buildings have been restored, including the 150-year-old historic building "Old Glover House," where you can enjoy the exotic atmosphere of the end of the Edo period and discover the two heart stones hidden in the park. It is also popular as a love power spot.

One of the attractions is that it is located on a small hill and has a good view, and the view from the hill overlooking Nagasaki Port is superb.

It is especially recommended at dusk when there are few tourists, and you can see the lights and the cityscape.


8-1 Minamiyamatemachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

【business hours】

8: 00-18: 00

[Access information]

Nagasaki Electric Tramway Tram (Line 5) Oura Cathedral Tram Stop Approximately 7 minutes

About 10 minutes by car from JR Nagasaki Station

Recommended hotel where you can see the night view of Nagasaki

If you want to fully enjoy the night view of Nagasaki, why not stay overnight at a hotel that overlooks the cityscape of Nagasaki?

Inasayama Kanko Hotel

Main Building Grand View Japanese-Western style room

via photo by Inasayama Kanko Hotel
Inasayama Kanko Hotel is a hotel located on the hillside of Mt. Inasa overlooking the night view of Nagasaki.
The scenery overlooking Nagasaki city is superb day and night!
There are two types of baths: a large public bath with a view and an open-air garden bath where you can enjoy the night view.
The cuisine is a modern arrangement of Nagasaki's traditional shippoku cuisine, and you can enjoy the fresh seafood of Nagasaki.

Bar Lounge Don Bartolomeo

via photo by nta
40-23 Akimachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

10 minutes by car or taxi from Nagasaki Station on the JR Nagasaki Line
20 minutes from Nagasaki Interchange on the Nagasaki Expressway
40 minutes by airport limousine bus from Nagasaki Airport
Nagasaki Bus "In front of Kanko Hotel" 1 minute walk from the bus stop
Pick-up available

[Check-in / out]
16: 00/10: 00

Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotel & Resort

Garden suite / guest room example

Garden suite / guest room example

via photo by nta
An ocean view hotel with a terrace in all rooms.
At night, you can enjoy the night view of Nagasaki from all the rooms.

Restaurant "Takesai" Teppanyaki Store image

Restaurant "Takesai" Teppanyaki Store image

via photo by nta
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture Akizuki-cho 2-3

10 minutes by car, taxi from Nagasaki Main Line JR Nagasaki Station,
30 minutes from the Nagasaki Expressway Nagasaki Inter
45 minutes at the airport limousine bus from Nagasaki Airport
transfers available

- check-in / Out]
16: 00/12: 00

There is also a night view spot in Sasebo! Yubaridake Observatory


Yubaridake Observatory is located on the top of a mountain at an altitude of 364m.
You can overlook the city of Sasebo, the harbor and the islands, and the view is good.
There is a fixed-route bus to the observatory, so you can go directly to the summit.
There is also a parking lot, so it is also recommended as a drive course.

Ono-cho, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture

[Access Information]
25 minutes by city bus bound for Yubaridake Observatory from Sasebo Station

Enjoy the night view of Nagasaki! World New Three Great Night View Bus Tour

Image courtesy of asoview!

Image courtesy of asoview!

It is a world new three major night view tour with night view light guidance.
The night view from Mt. Inasa, which is the center of the night view of Nagasaki, is a masterpiece!
Easy to move with transportation to and from the hotel in the city center ♪