See Japan's most romantic waterway


See Japan's most romantic waterway

As a country loved by nature with many beautiful scenes, coming to Japan, you will definitely lose your way back with romantic roads no less than in the movies. Not only is this the most beautiful road in the region, but this waterway is also known as the most beautiful road in Japan.

As one of the "Top 100 most beautiful flower roads in Japan", route 287 going up the Makino Plateau is a popular tourist attraction in Shiga Prefecture.

With a length of 2.5 km, the road stretches with two rows of pine trees belonging to the large pine family with up to 500 straight trees. This is a very ideal place for you to walk as well as drive under the green foliage of spring, summer and golden autumn when it comes.

If you come to Japan, don't forget to visit the sam waterway to check-in. This road is an unexpected transformation of nature. The pine tree with vibrant green color in summer, in late autumn gradually turns to red and pure white in winter creates an extremely poetic and fanciful scene. The magical beauty of this scene is always a reason to invite tourists to visit.