The beauty of the "unique" Maras salt fields in Peru

 Covering the slopes of Quaquawinay mountain in Maras city is the Maras rice terraces that have existed for more than 1000 years.

The beauty of the "unique" Maras salt fields in Peru

The Maras Salt Fields have a very unique shape. Because it is located on steep mountain slopes, more than 3,000 salt lakes are arranged in the fields like terraces, creating a spectacular view.

The salt flats of the world are usually located near the sea, but the Maras salt flats in Peru are located at an altitude of 3,000 meters in the Andes mountains. Visiting the Maras salt fields in the sacred Inca valley of Peru, visitors often go to the top of the mountain to look down at the pure white salt cells spread along the hillside.

The salt flats have a complex system of channels, drawing water from an extremely salty underground stream. The reason is because this area used to be completely under the sea.
Geological fluctuations and displacement of the continental shelf pushed the seabed up and formed the Andes mountain range. A large amount of sea water got trapped in the crevices of rocks and formed an underground stream of salty water that the people here called Qoripujio.

Both sides of the stream are covered with a thick layer of salt and the water is very warm. The salt here is loved by chefs because it makes the food tastier. Currently, this salt is exported to many countries around the world.

Because of this beautiful and fancy scene, the Maras salt field has become a perfect background for the "virtual life" photos of young people from all over the world.