The secret to making delicious boiled duck with ginger sauce for free


The secret to making delicious boiled duck with ginger sauce for free


- Duck 500g

- Ginger 10g

- Spices: garlic, chili, fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning, ...


Step 1: Preliminary processing 

- Wash duck meat with salt, ginger, or a little white wine to reduce odors. Then rinse with cold water and then remove to a basket to dry.

- Peeled ginger, smashed the ginger branch and partially cut the fiber.

- Minced garlic and chili. Squeeze the lemon to get the juice.

Step 2: How to make boiled duck with ginger sauce

- Put the crushed ginger and duck meat into the pot to boil. Remember to pour the water so that the duck meat is completely submerged so that the meat after boiling does not turn black. Boil duck for 25-30 minutes. To check, you can use chopsticks to skewer the meat, the water that comes out is no longer red, it is cooked.

- Duck meat, after boiling, take it out on a plate and tear it into bite-sized pieces or cut into pieces depending on your preference.

- Next, boiled duck with ginger sauce needs a rich dipping sauce . So, the recipe you need to "pocket" includes 1-2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of seasoning or monosodium glutamate and mixed fish sauce, filtered water, and lemon juice in the ratio 3:3:1. Finally, add garlic, chili and ginger, mix well, then season to taste again.


Save duck boiled ginger fish sauce the most important is the taste sauce. Therefore, you can adjust the mixing ratio to suit your mouth the best.