The wonder of Aboriginal sanctuary Ayers Rock "Uluru"

 Ayers Rock, Australia's most famous rock. The large rocks, which are listed as World Heritage Sites, are known as the sanctuary of Aboriginal people, the indigenous people of Australia. Introducing the various wonders of Ayers Rock, such as the legends that spread among Aborigines and the spectacular scenery that changes in one day.

Ayers Rock is the second largest monolith

Perhaps the best thing about Ayers Rock is that it's a rock that's incomparably larger than any other rock. The height from the ground is 348m, and the surrounding distance is huge, about 9km.

But strangely enough, Ayers Rock is the second largest rock in the world. The name of the rock larger than Ayers Rock is Mount Augustus. It exists in Australia, the same as Ayers Rock. It's surprising that its size is about 2.5 times that of Ayers Rock.

Ayers Rock changes to various colors in a day

Ayers Rock has become a popular tourist spot because of its beauty, but the most attractive thing is that it changes its appearance every moment while being exposed to the sun.

You can experience the change in a short time during sunrise or sunset. Especially when the sun goes down, the appearance of Ayers Rock, which dyes not only the entire rock but also the sky bright red, impresses what you see.

Even if you know that the cause of the change is the sunlight, you cannot help but feel the mystery and greatness of nature.