Things you may not know about South Sudan

 The first child born when the nation of South Sudan was founded was called 'Independence'.

Things you may not know about South Sudan

The country is located in East Africa, separated from Sudan after years of civil war. It's one of the countries with the youngest history in the world, according to Factfile. The population of South Sudan is 13 million people.

Despite the country's large oil reserves, the currency's denomination continues to decline and GDP is low. In 2016, inflation reached 309%.

This country relies heavily on the support of developed countries such as the UK, the US, Norway, the Netherlands... In rural areas, the per capita income is less than one USD per day. Wealth in this country is represented by owning livestock.

Most of the locals do small trades to make a living. Most of the population lives on farming and animal husbandry. People often live in close quarters with relatives and families. They share meals together. The people's necessities are mainly milk, peanuts, honey, fish, meat, beans, vegetables...

South Sudan's education and health systems are underdeveloped. Due to poor infrastructure, domestic economic growth is also slow. Children in South Sudan mostly follow the occupation of their parents. People here are very important greetings. For them, "the greeting is higher than the table".

The national anthem of the Republic of South Sudan originated from a competition. The official language is English. However, people still speak Arabic and more than a hundred other languages.

The first child born after the founding of South Sudan was a boy. He was named "Independence". However, this baby died a year after birth.