Tips to cook snakehead fish with turmeric and bring rice at home


Tips to cook snakehead fish with turmeric and bring rice at home


- Snakehead fish 240g

- Turmeric 20g

- Ginger

- Dry onion

- Chilli

- Spice

- White wine

Preliminary preparation of ingredients for braised snakehead fish with turmeric

- Buy snakehead fish to clean, use rice wine to rub on the fish body, clean all the slimy parts of snakehead fish. Wash the fish thoroughly several times with running water. Cut the fish into bite-sized pieces and place in a bowl.

- Ginger, fresh turmeric peeled off the skin, washed and cut into pieces.

- Dried onion peeled, minced and smashed.

- Using a large mortar, pound, turmeric, ginger, chili together and then marinate with the fish.

Steps to make snakehead fish with turmeric

Step 1: Make the fish stock color

Put the pot on the stove, wait for it to heat up, then pour in the oil, when the oil is hot, add a little granulated sugar to make the color beautiful.

Step 2: Fish stock

- Put the bowl of marinated snakehead fish into the warehouse. Cook until the snakehead fish is cooked, continue to add boiling water to approximately the fish meat, close the lid.

- When storing, keep the fire low until the water is dry.

- Finally, you taste again to fit your mouth and then lift it down. Thus, the pot of snakehead fish with turmeric has been completed.