Virtual life' in a European-style greenhouse in Korea


Korean tourism 'lives virtual' in a European-style greenhouse

Built in 1909, Grand Greenhouse located in the heart of Changgyeonggung (Changqing Palace) is the first greenhouse with European architectural style in Korea. The work was designed by Japanese architect Hayato Fukuba and executed by French. Photo Shutterstock

The outer frame is made of steel combined with white painted wood, completely covered with glass for planting trees. Over the years, most of the greenhouse was corroded and degraded, so it was restored in 2016, and opened to welcome Korean tourists from 2017 to now. Photo Shutterstock

The Cultural Heritage Administration has replaced the window frames and floor tiles of the greenhouse, repainted the steel pillars, balustrades... During the renovation, they found a piece of British-made tile, used during construction in 1909, thereby defining the original shape of this design. Photo Shutterstock

Inside the greenhouse is more than 2,800 m2, maximum 25 m high, including 5 zones called Desert Pavilion, Tropical Pavilion 1, Tropical Pavilion 2, Warm Temperature Pavilion, and Carnivorous Plant Pavilion. The greenhouse is equipped with an automatic temperature and humidity control system, so the plants are lush all year round. Photo KTO

Currently, there are about 925 species out of a total of 20,000 tree varieties being planted and displayed here, especially bonsai pots carefully cared for by artisans, suitable for bonsai lovers. Photo brianmbm
This place is considered one of the historical buildings in Western style left over from the Korean Empire period. Traveling to Korea , you can come here to visit at any time. Grand Greenhouse is a good suggestion if you want to buy a set of European-style lookbook photos. Photo pjhaileyy