Xinjiang – An area that is not covered by shipping in China

 From Urumqi to Kashgar is equivalent to going from Xi'an to Shenzhen. From Hami (Cable Honey) to Kashgar is equivalent to from Chengdu to Hangzhou. Altay (A Lac Thai) to Hotan (Hoa Dien) is equivalent to Beijing to Guangzhou.

If you are a shipper, you have not gone all the way to Xinjiang, others have already traveled half of China. So how big is Xinjiang after all?


New Year's EveNew Year's Eve

Xinjiang is equivalent to 100 Beijing or 287 Shanghai. The total area of ​​Xinjiang is about: Beijing + Shanghai + Henan + Hebei + Shanxi + Guangdong + Hainan + Jiangsu + Anhui + Zhejiang + Hunan combined.

New Year's EveNew Year's EveIf you go to Xinjiang for tourism and suddenly want to go to the bathroom, the locals will tell you that "Just go straight, but it's a bit far". Believe me, definitely take the car, because Xinjiang people say a little bit far, it's really very far. Don't ask me why? At first, I was also walking, then I had to buy a new pair of pants.

New Year's EveIn Xinjiang, there is a saying like this. Sitting on the plane for 3 hours asked the flight attendant, "Are you out of the province yet?" The flight attendant replied: "Sir, out of the district!"