Ladonia – a kingdom of 15,000 people but no one in it

 Ladonia claims to have 15,000 citizens, but all are nomadic. And when war breaks out, the blame lies with the Internet coalition forces.

Ladonia – a kingdom of 15,000 people but no one in it

In a remote southwest corner of Sweden, hidden among verdant nature just a few kilometers northwest of the town of Arild is Ladonia. This micro-country is located on a rocky beach, which can only be reached by boat or a strenuous 30-45 minute walk.

The territory of Ladonia is marked by two great creations: Nimis and Arx – their father is the artist Lars Vilks. Nimis, which means "too much" in Latin, was built from 70 tons of driftwood drifting at sea, nailed to form a nine-story tower. Arx, "fortress" in Latin, is a concrete and stone structure that looks like a melting sand castle.

Nimis, one of the first two, was born in 1980. The local government did not know about it for two years, until 1982, when officials announced it had to be demolished.

By all means to overcome the authorities, even when the plan to demolish Nimis was ready, Lars quickly sold it to the artist Cristo. The legal document tells them to buy and sell a floating piece of wood, which is also a work of art, for display in the Swedish art museum Skissernas.

Another move of Lars when declaring the land surrounding Nimis as an independent country. The Kingdom of Ladonia, the land surrounding these works of art, was born in 1996.

The incident occurred when the Internet's Armed Alliance satirical Force declared war on the land of Ladonia. The country also claims to have more than 15,000 citizens, but no one has settled here as all are nomadic. This information was not clear in the online application form on the website, so about 3,000 people applied to immigrate. All are granted citizenship. However, when asked about the Ladonia embassy and directed there, many people discovered that actually moving to Ladonia to settle down was impossible.

Tourists are always welcome to visit Ladonia , and are encouraged to compete in a traditional local sport of kick racing. According to Ladonia's Department for the Arts and Running, you can simply kick a large rock by the shore and wait to see if it rolls all the way across the jagged beach down to the water's edge. Whoever has the stone to go the farthest wins. The race is considered to be quite slow.

Interesting things about Ladonia microcountry

The Ladonia national anthem is the sound of throwing stones into the water. Ladonian has only two words "waaaaalll" and "ÿp". The currency is Örtug, 1 Örtug equals about 10 Krona or 1 Euro. Ladonia has its own time zone (LST – Ladonia Standard Time) of GMT +0:57 (three minutes behind its “neighbor” Sweden).